Tutoring Positions at AAC


Tutor Application


Hours/Week: Approx. 10
Tutors at the Academic Advancement enrich their academic experience by empowering other students to succeed in their courses. A strong commitment to service and teaching are important qualities of an AAC Tutor. Student tutors should have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a desire to work with low income, first generation, and students with disabilities. There are opportunities for advancement, training and earning tutor certification with a national tutoring association.
Qualifications: To tutor in a subject area, student must have received a B or better in the course and have a good understanding of the course content; tutors must also have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. To apply for a tutoring position please submit an application with resume and unofficial copy of transcripts to John.Henneberg@colostate.edu or 117 Gibbons Building. For additional questions, please contact John Henneberg at 970-491-7878.
Tutoring Philosophy: With the right study strategies and a commitment to learning course content, we believe any student can succeed. Tutors at the Academic Advancement Center assist students in this learning process. Tutors are also responsible for communication with the assistant director for academics and the student’s retention specialist. Since the AAC is a federal program, tutors are also required to file appropriate paperwork on a weekly basis.