Informational Interview & Job Shadow

What is an informational interview?
  • A 20-30 minute conversation with an individual in a specific career field.
  • Researching your ideal job.  
What is a job shadow?
  • Typically a ½ day or full day opportunity to witness a career firsthand.
  • Getting an up-close look at a normal day on the job.  
Why should I do an informational interview or job shadow?
  • Learn more about occupations, industries, employers and opportunities so you can confirm what career options you want to pursue.
  • Find out what skills you need to gain in order to get into this position. This can prepare you by knowing how to gain these experiences through classes, internships, work experiences, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Network with people in a career field you’re interested in pursuing, which will be useful in a future job search you conduct.