Job Description


The Peer Retention Specialist is responsible for facilitating students’ adjustment to university life. The peer retention specialist will provide individual guidance and assist students in deriving maximum benefit from their personal and academic experience within the Colorado State University (CSU) environment. The primary goal of the AAC/SSS program is to increase the graduation rate of first generation, low-income, and learning/or physically disabled students.   

 The primary job responsibilities are:
  1. Assess the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Make recommendations for study skills, career development, financial aid, graduate school, and interpersonal skills.
  3. Make appropriate referrals to University departments and community agencies to meet student needs.
  4. Maintain student’s records (temporary and permanent files) with all required documentation.
  5. Participate in the Academic Advancement Center’s in-service training.
  6. Ability to act independently and to maintain excellent professional and confidential relationships with students, staff, tutors, paraprofessionals, and the public.
  7. Monitor student’s progress by maintaining contact with the student and his/her professors.
  8. Complete any projects or special tasks assigned by Assistant Director for Retention.
  9. Meet with the Assistant Director for Retention every week to ask questions and receive information about job performance.
  10. Respect and follow your assigned work schedule and make necessary arrangements when unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances.
  11. Discuss any concerns and report directly to the Assistant Director for Retention.

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