Your first semester with us:  AAC Arrive Seminar

The AAC Arrive Seminar is designed for newly admitted students to the Academic Advancement Center (AAC). This seminar will consist of new incoming first year and transfer students as well as current CSU students who are beginning their journey with the AAC. Through self-exploration, reflection, and planning, students will explore different aspects of their transition to CSU, including academic success as well as personal and professional goal setting, and networking. Students will also be exposed to the AAC curricular constructs: social construction of identity, authenticity, and advocacy while engaging in planning for their success at CSU and beyond. The Arrive Seminar aims to provide a support network for students to build community together while enriching their experience at CSU. Through the Arrive Seminar, and your time with us at the AAC, you will remain connected with your retention specialist.


This seminar is designed to be experiential. Learning and community development will occur through participation, engagement, and discussion with in-person activities and reflections.  You will get out of this seminar what you put into it. We strive to make each seminar a place that you will feel seen, accepted, validated, and challenged to grow.  Participation fosters a collaborative learning space for the seminar and beyond. This space is student-centered where our hope is that you will pose questions, share resources, as well as encourage and support each other as you engage the course material. Participation is essential to your success and learning in this course. For most students, discussion is their favorite part of the course as it builds community, shared perspectives, and opportunity for growth. Your active participation and the strength of your contributions as individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives are important to the success of this course for all students and facilitators alikeInteractive discussions are how we build a rich learning community, and I think you’ll find that you’ll be better able to integrate the course content when you explore perspectives from other students.


We look forward to growing with you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Arrive coordinator @

Arrive Seminar Goals and Learning Outcomes
To accommodate learning styles and availability schedules we offer a few different options for seminars. All of our seminars have the same foundational goals.

Seminar Goals:  

  • Assist students in exploring their own transition, personal experience,  and goals at CSU.  
  • Promote students’ academic success through connections with faculty, staff and peers, discovering resources at CSU, learning academic success strategies, and exploring various academic and co-curricular activities.   
  • Explore and reflect on success strategies related to financial literacy, mental health, stress management, time management, career competencies, as well as personal and social identities.   
  • Promote the reflection and value of being an active participant in the CSU community while developing a network of peers, fostering stronger engagement at CSU.  


Overarching Student Learning Outcomes: 

As a result of participating in the Arrive Seminar:  

  • Develop meaningful relationships and connections with other students, faculty, and staff within the AAC community that support their holistic success at CSU  
  • Demonstrate awareness of individual experiences, values, and skills, as they relate to educational and professional goals 
  • Identify and develop plans for personal, educational, and professional goals  
  • Students will be able to identify and engage with campus resources and opportunities that contribute to educational and professional goals 
Arrive Seminar Structure:
  • Arrive IU-172 experience (in-person): This is a 1 credit course for transfer students.  This course is dedicated to supporting the transition of transfer students to CSU. This course is 8 weeks long and meets twice a week for 50 minutes. You must register for this course and will be given the AAC  section number from the Arrive coordinator.
  • Arrive non-credit experience (in-person): This is a non-credit option for ALL levels of AAC students (transfer, new to CSU, and new to AAC students). This course is dedicated to supporting the transition of all students to CSU. This course is 8 weeks long and meets only one time a week for 50 minutes. No  registration is necessary, you  will receive more information about specific date and time from the Arrive coordinator.
  • Arrive asynchronous experience (fully online): This is a non-credit option for ALL levels of AAC students (transfer, new to CSU, and new to AAC students) that is 8 weeks long. This course is dedicated to supporting the transition of all students to CSU and is asynchronous. Students will move through the online course week by week with the guidance of peer mentors and an instructor. There is no registration necessary.
  • Key Learning Community Students: Key Learning Community students will NOT complete a seminar their first semester. Instead, you will complete Arrive seminar during your second semester in the AAC. 
  • If you are eligible for the Pathways to Academic Success Seminar (PASS), (as a continuing student, with a  GPA  2.3 or below), you will be registered for PASS by our Academic Program coordinator. You can find more information on our Academic Support page.
Arrive Seminar Session Schedule:

Arrive Seminar Session Schedule:

Your Arrive Seminar will cover the following areas and themes as it builds to reach our program goals and outcomes and of course your journey here at CSU, the AAC and your student success. In addition to the Arrive Seminar you will remain connected with your retention specialist as well as have opportunities to engage with other Arrive students and other AAC participants throughout our program.

AAC Arrive Seminars



Session 1 

Introductions, Arrive Expectations, Curriculum Overview, & Community Building 

Session 2 

Social Identity Development and Social Justice 

Session 3 


Session 4 

Academic Skills

     All AAC Arrive Community Connection  

Session 5 

Financial Aid and Financial Literacy 

Session 6 


Session 7 

Goals, Values, and Student Success 

    Group Navigator 1:1 Meetings Begin

Session 8 


    All AAC Arrive Community Connection