Your first semester enrolled in the AAC!

Engagement Expectations:

  • #1- Participate in & complete the Arrive seminar.

  • #2- Meet with your Retention Specialist at least two times.

  • #3- Meet with your peer mentor at least one time.

  • * * Participation in community events & tutoring is highly encouraged!

countdown to the start of fall 2022 arrive seminar:


Arrive Seminar :

Seminar Summary & Description
  • The seminar is an in-person or online course for students newly admitted to the Academic Advancement Center.  Students select the format that works best for their needs. 
  • This seminar course does not count for credit on your transcripts, however is required to be considered an active new participant in the AAC (unless you are enrolled in PASS, KEY, or admitted to the AAC mid- semester; in those cases your requirements will look a bit different). 
  • The course will consist of new incoming first year and transfer students, as well as continuing CSU students While every student may be in a different part of their academic journey, all are being fully supported by the AAC for the first time. 
  • Through self-exploration, reflection, and planning, students will examine, define, and strengthen their transition to, and experience at, CSU.  We will actively learn about academic success strategies, personal identity and well-being, and professional goal setting through group discussions, mini projects, and presentations. 
  • This course will provide a network for students to build community together while enriching their experience at CSU.
  • We can’t wait to grow and learn alongside you!
Facilitator Contact Information
Offered in Multiple Formats: In-Person or Online

You get to select the date, time, and format that works best for your learning style and schedule!

In-Person Options:

Online Option:

Section A:  Tuesdays 11am-12pm
Asynchronous modules
posted weekly on canvas
all assignments due each Sunday at 11:59pm
Section B: Wednesdays 1-2pm


All sessions begins during week 5 of the Fall 2022 Semester (between September 19 – September 23) 

If you’re taking the course online, the first module will open at 8am on Monday 9/19.  If you are enrolled in the Tuesday in-person course it begins at 11am on 9/20 in TBD.  The Wednesday in-person course begins at 1pm on 9/21 in TBD.

Spring 2022 Topics & Course Schedule

Week & DateSession Topic
5 -2/14-2/18

Session 1 -Introductions & Community Building

6 – 2/21-2/25

Session 2- Making Connections: CSU Resources

Fun, Food, and Community Event-  Thursday 2/24  
7 –2/28-3/4Session 3- Academic Skills: Utilizing Academic Supports
8 –3/7-3/11

Session 4- Social Identity Development:  Who am I?

Campus event connection- MURALS 3/25

Spring Break 3/14-3/18    

9 -3/21-3/25

Session 5- Careers & Justice

10 –3/28-4/1

Session 6- Academic Skills: Academic Research & Digital Literacy

11 –4/4-4/8

Session 7- Financial Aid and Financial Literacy: Your Values & Money

12 -4/11-4/15

Session 8- Self-Care & Mental Health: The 8 Dimensions of Wellness
 13 -4/18-4/22

Session 9 – Goals & Student Success for the Future

14 -4/25-4/29

Session 10- Closing :  Looking Back & Looking Forward through Final Presentations

End of semester/year celebration!   Date TBD  

**The remaining 2 weeks of the semester:  5/2-5/6= study week/de-stress week &  5/9-5/13 = finals