All live senior sessions for the Fall 2020 semester are complete. Please reference our pre-recorded sessions!


Title: Navigating Mental Health After Graduation– Mitch Trebesh (recording coming soon)

Pre-Assessment (please complete BEFORE the Seminar)

Post-Assessment (please complete AFTER the Seminar)

Description: Graduation can be an exciting time as students begin the next phase of their life after college. It can also be filled with new challenges and produce new stressors in one’s life. This Thrive-Grad session will explore some of those potential challenges and will examine ways that you can effectively manage your stress and practice good mental health after graduating. We’ll also look at ways to seek out Off-Campus resources and maximize your use of them.

Title: Career Prep Part II (designed for your graduating semester) – Career Center

Description: With graduating quickly approaching, this session will cover what you can do now and after graduation to land a great job for you. Topics will include job search strategies, salary negotiation, navigating identity in the job search and workplace, knowing your rights, and interviewing.

Title: Career Prep Part I (designed for the semester prior to your graduating semester) – Career Center

Description: With graduation still a semester away, this session will cover what you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for your career. Topics will include networking, transferable skills, resume and cover letters, and online presence

Title: Managing Student Loans in 2020 – Canvas Credit Union

Description: Federal student loans offer borrowers a generous grace period of six months between graduation and the due date of their first payment. … However, unsubsidized loans will continue to accrue interest during the deferment period. In 2018, if a graduate took the standard repayment plan for the $37,172 borrowed – 10 years, at 4.29% interest rate – they would be paying $382 a month for the next decade. By creating a budget around your student loan payment will give you the peace of mind knowing what your going to be paying back after school.

Title: Applying for Graduate School – Diana Delacruz-Aparicio

Description: This prerecording will go over tips and resources for students who are ready to start, or have already started, a graduate school application. We will go over an application timeline, financial aid, things to consider, and graduate admission testing.

Title: Understanding Gap Years & Service-Based Options – Betty Sims

Description: Are you hoping to take a gap year before attending graduate school but aren’t sure if you should or what that time would involve? This video provide the following: defining a gap year, exploring why you may want to take one, and discussing a few service oriented programs to participate in during this time. The video will end with a brief reflection activity that will help viewers establish next steps in organizing their gap year.