Program Description

The Thrive-Grad program is designed to support students reach their graduation goals during their last two semester by engaging students in a variety of activities that allow students to focus on their graduation goals in a tangible way. Students will engage in both the completion of their graduation portfolio while also having the opportunity to engage in a variety of seminars that focus in the following areas: 

  • Academic Success 
  • Graduate School Preparation 
  • Career Development 
  • Financial Literacy After Graduation (loan management, financial planning for the future) 
  • Wellbeing for Transitioning Post-Graduation 

Program Goals 

The Thrive-Grad program will: 

  • Build upon the skills they have strengthened in the Arrive and Thrive program in accordance with their personal goals and interests 
  • Strengthen their understanding of career preparation, financial literacy, graduate school, gap years, service-based programs, and the transition after undergraduate 
  • Understand how to continue involvement with the AAC as alumni  

Student Engagement/Requirements 

Meeting with Retention Specialists  

Classic Thrive-Grad students will be required to meet with their retention specialist for a minimum of TWO meetings throughout the semester. The first meeting should occur within the first 4 weeks of the semester.    

Thrive-Grad Senior Sessions 

Classic Thrive-Grad students will choose TWO senior sessions offered by the AAC to engage with every semester. All AAC senior session information for each semester can be found in the AAC Thrive-Grad website, information will include date, zoom link, presenter, description, and any. Documents intended to be utilized during the senior session. Students are welcomed to attend more than two senior sessions each semester. Students are encouraged to engage with seminar opportunities that meet their needs.  

Classic Senior Session Evaluation (this is where you’ll get attendance credit)

CSU Diversity Symposium

A week-long conference featuring dozens of sessions relating to diversity and inclusion, cutting-edge research presentations, a variety of keynote speakers, and a strand focused specifically on educators. This event is hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and the Diversity Symposium Planning Committee. This will be a fully virtual event. Must attend at least 2 sessions to receive Senior Session credit for Thrive-Grad requirements.

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Date & Time: October 25th – 29th, 2021 

Format: Hybrid

Location: Virtual

Presenter(s): Multiple

Managing Student Loans

Have you wondered how you will set up your student loan payments? Does having debt feel overwhelming? You’re not alone! Learn more about how to manage your debt and work towards financial stability with Canvas Credit Union. Join us to learn practical financial skills to set you on track on managing your student loans and have a sense of financial agency. You will have the opportunity to complete a worksheet that will help you outline your financial plans in easy steps. 


Managing Student Loans

Does the debt from your college days seem overwhelming? Still wondering how you’re going to make that first student loan payment? Hey! You’re not alone. George Hill Direct of Financial Education at Canvas Credit Union will help with a few tips on managing your student loans after college.

Graduate School Conference

Has the thought of attending graduate school ever crossed your mind? Have you asked yourself what that process looks like and will require of you? We’re here to spill the tea on all things graduate school related!

Attend this TWO-DAY conference hosted by the Academic Advancement Center in collaboration with SDPS. You will have the opportunity to hear from diverse panelists on their journey and experiences navigating the graduate school process, from making the decision to attend, to the application process, and what it’s like being in a graduate program. Hear from guest speakers, engage in activities, and network with people from various fields and backgrounds.

Taking a Gap Year

Are you hoping to take a gap year before attending graduate school but aren’t sure if you should or what that time would involve? This video provide the following: defining a gap year, exploring why you may want to take one, and discussing a few service oriented programs to participate in during this time. The video will end with a brief reflection activity that will help viewers establish next steps in organizing their gap year.

Career Prep – Networking, Transferrable Skills, Cover Letter

Join us to learn more about translating your skills, experiences, and accomplishments onto paper! We will discuss tips on how to best market yourself for a graduate school program or job interview. Topics include networking, transferrable skills, resume and cover letters, and other tools to make yourself stand out in an application pool. Gain skills and agency on how to show up as your most authentic self in the workforce. This session is in collaboration with the Career Center.

Presenter(s): Career Center, Alexis Gomez & Madigan Turnquist


Career Prep – Job Search, Salary Negotiation, & Navigating Identities

Join us in a panel discussion about landing a job post-graduation, how to negotiate your salary and other benefits, and how to navigate various identities in a new environment. You will hear from a diverse group of panelists about their own journey towards agency and their personal journeys. Come prepared to ask questions about the job search, how to engage in salary and negotiation conversations, and how to navigate an entirely new environment in the most authentic way. This session is in collaboration with the Career Center.

Peace Corps 

Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, and have the experience of a lifetime. Not only do you gain valuable life skills through the experience, but returned Peace Corps volunteers receive a multitude of benefits that can impact your career trajectory, including fellowships for graduate school, advantages when applying to federal government positions, entry into international development, and much more. Join us at this information session to learn about volunteer experiences, ask questions about service, the application process, and benefits of becoming a volunteer.

8 Dimensions of Wellness Overview-Recording Coming Soon

Learn more about the 8 dimensions of wellness and how each area functions as part of a well-balanced life. Join us to gain insights in how to be more intentional about improving the 8 dimensions of wellness in your life. We will cover: Emotional Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness. This will be an interactive session hosted by the CSU Health Network. You will have the opportunity to complete a handout where you can actively participate in writing out how your values, identities, and plans align with these dimensions.

Car Maintenance

Students will learn how to check fluid levels in their vehicle, how to diagnose and possibly fix simple issues with their vehicle, and learn basic maintenance for their vehicle.

The Voice of Self Advocacy

We all have different needs. Expressing those needs is essential in our movement forward. Nobody knows you better than YOU. In this CLF, you will have opportunity to identify needs (academic/personal/and professional) and practice the power of your voice!