Thrive Program Overview

The Thrive program is designed to support AAC students throughout graduation. Thrive aims to support students’ academic and non-academic goals, as they all relate to student success. Students engage in a variety of activities that allow students to settle into their environments, focus on their personal and professional goals, and prepare for graduation and life post-graduation. Students in the Thrive program will engage in opportunities to explore growth in the following areas:  Academic Success, Financial Literacy, Graduate School Preparation, Career Development, Welless, Justice, & Undergraduate Research


Thrive Program Coordinators

Diana Delacruz-Aparicio:
Stephanie Cuevas:

Thrive expectations

Retention Specialist Meetings

Meet with your assigned Retention Specialist 2-3 times minimum per semester.

Community Learning Forums (CLFs)

Engage with TWO Community Learning Forums (CLFs) each semester which can include a mix of pre-recorded or and/or live sessions. Refer to our pre-recorded library and live sessions below.

CLF Evaluation

Submit one evaluation for every CLF you engage with in order to help us track your engagement completion. CLF evaluation can be accessed below. Deadline to submit CLF evaluations is: May 6th, 2022

Live sessions


Join us to learn about a popular (and free) online document editor used in STEM!

Overleaf can be used for writing assignments, lab reports, research papers, and more. Learn how to create equations, diagrams, algorithms, graphs, illustrations, and more!

Please be prepared to bring your own laptop, there are 9 desktops at the Gibbons building.

Tolmar Pharmaceuticals Industry Tour | March 22nd 1pm- 3pm | Tolmar Inc. in Windsor

Interested in learning more about a local employer and how their career pathways may align with your career goals? This is a great opportunity for students to build connections with employers and learn about the field. The AAC will be taking students on a collaborative tour with Tolmar Pharmaceuticals which will include an in-person tour, a panel discussion, and a networking opportunity. The AAC will be providing transportation to and from the tour. 

We are holding 22 slots based on first come, first serve due to transportation capacity. Deadline to RSVP is March 17th.

Learn about the field of optometry | April 7th 3pm - 4pm

Interested in learning more about the field of optometry? Come learn more about the field of optometry from a current practitioner who is also a CSU alumna. This virtual CLF will cover the following: personal journey to the field of optometry through the lens of a CSU alumna, graduate school information, understanding the field, and sharing a job shadow opportunity.  

Zoom Link: 

Deadline to RSVP is April 1st

Networking Dinner | Apr. 13th | 5pm - 7pm | LSC Longs Peak 302

Join us for a dinner at LSC’s Longs Peak room where we get to be in community as we learn about how to best tell our stories and network in formal settings. Enjoy a free dinner on us as we dig deeper into identifying what authenticity and agency looks like as we network in formal and informal settings. Gain skills on how to plant the seed of relationships with others and spend time deconstructing the world of “etiquette and professionalism”. Professional headshots will also be available for students. Students will be required to complete an event evaluation towards the end of the event and a QR code will be provided.
We are holding 50 slots based on first come, first serve due to room capacity. Deadline to RSVP is April 12th

Pre-Recorded Library