Graduate School Conference

Road to Graduate School: A Unified Endeavor at CSU

11th Annual graduate school conference

The Graduate School Conference returns for another year at CSU! This one-day drop-in conference is hosted in collaboration by the Academic
Advancement Center, Scholar Success Programs, and Student Diversity Programs and Services. You will have the opportunity to hear from
diverse panelists on their journey and experiences navigating the graduate school process, from making the decision to attend, to the
application process, and what it’s like being in a graduate program. Hear from guest speakers, engage in activities, and network with peers
from various fields and backgrounds. The conference will focus on the following themes:

Explore: Informing students on introductory graduate school topics

Prepare: Preparing students to make decisions and further develop understanding

Apply: Providing a hands-on opportunity where students can further develop their application materials

Succeed: Helping students feel prepared to embark on their graduate program journey.

graduate School Conference AGENDA for 2024 to be determined

  • 9:30 am TBD

  • 10:00 am TBD

  • 11:00 am TBD

  • 12:30 pm - TBD

  • 1:30 pm - TBD

  • 2:40 pm TBD

  • 4:00 pm - TBD

Conference Purpose

The purpose of the Graduate School Conference is to create an accessible space where students from first-generation, limited income, disabled, and students of color backgrounds can engage with Graduate School information. The focus of the conference will include exploration, preparation, application, and success as it relates to graduate school. This allows students in various stages of preparing for graduate school to feel welcomed to engage with the conference materials. Presenters include various Colorado State University Staff & Alumni who are committed to helping our student participants learn more about the graduate school process.


The AAC Graduate School Conference began in 2013 with our former McNair program. The AAC Student Support Services program has continued the legacy of the McNair program and the conference has now expanded to a larger CSU and TRIO student community. Since then, the AAC has collaborated with Community for Excellence, and the Student Diversity Programs and Services to bring this conference to our students. We’ve also had the opportunity to invite other local TRIO programs to attend this conference.

Conference Goal

Partner with students to create accessible learning experiences as students explore, prepare, apply, and succeed throughout their graduate school preparation journey.  

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