Vision, Mission and Core Values


The TRIO Student Support Services Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University will be an exemplary program committed to personal development, retention, and degree completion of students from underrepresented backgrounds. Through community building and practicing a student-centered, strengths-based approach, we will cultivate and inspire students in becoming life-long learners.


The TRIO Student Support Services Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University is committed to providing a transformative undergraduate experience and supporting students from low-income, first-generation, and disability backgrounds succeed from orientation through graduation.


Student success is our purpose at the TRIO Students Support Services at Colorado State University. To meet this objective, we strive for excellence through the following core values:

Educational Access and Success

  • We believe all students, regardless of their backgrounds and circumstances, should have access to educational opportunities to achieve success.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We value differences in individuals and ideas and provide intentional opportunities that promote diverse experiences for education and personal growth and a healthy society.


  •  We work with and for students to help them utilize their strengths and address the barriers and challenges impacting their undergraduate experience.


  •  To increase educational attainment efforts for students, we aspire to work collaboratively with students, faculty, campus, and community partners to provide support, resources, and learning opportunities that are intentional and honoring.


  •  We create a welcoming environment that is accessible and respectful. We are positive and responsive in promoting a culture of collaborative learning and success.