Vision, Mission and Core Values



The Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University will be an exemplary department committed to creating socially just, and equitable educational environments for institutionally minoritized students, from enrollment through graduation.


The Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University is committed to centering the needs and experiences of institutionally minoritized students by creating opportunities to access higher education. Through a student-centered, strength-based approach, we will foster a community that will support students holistically as they pursue their academic, personal, and career goals.


The Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University is grounded in the following core values as we engage in student support work.

Educational Access and Success:

We believe all students, inclusive of their backgrounds and circumstances, should have true and equitable access to educational opportunities.

Student Success:

We believe institutional barriers should be removed so students can define and realize success on their own terms.

Equity and Justice:

We commit to dismantling systems of power and oppression while working towards equity and justice within the AAC and the institution.


We recognize students’ power and agency, while working alongside them to address the barriers and challenges impacting their educational experience.

Critical Partnerships:

We commit to engaging in critical partnerships with the campus and community to provide support, resources, and learning opportunities for students.


We commit to fostering a welcoming, affirming, and inclusive space to promote learning, growth, and celebration.