Stem Thrive

All live STEM Thrive CLFs are complete for the semester. Please check out the recordings below!

Title: STEM Justice

Description: A presentation and small activities that will support students’ exploration of their STEM identity to their major and society through examining how Social Justice takes shape in the form of Environmental Justice, Engineering justice and STEM Justice.

STEM Justice Digital Worksheet – Social Identity Wheel (1)

(Please bring digital handout to live session to complete; do not complete early)

Title: Navigating as a STEM Undergraduate Student Series – Part III: Conquering Courses

Description: A session to equip students with the necessary knowledge to manage any course they face through exploring avenues to best stay organized, various organizational styles, and study strategies.

Title: STEM Faculty Connections Panel

Description: A panel of CSU professors from various departments of STEM sharing their experiences of being a faculty member, how they are connected and involved on campus, and how you can get connected with them and faculty in general through fast paced, visual power point presentations (IGNITE Presentations).

Title: Navigating as a STEM Undergraduate Student Series – Part II: Building Your Foundation

Description: An informative presentation that lays out STEM resources offered throughout campus students can leverage, how students can make their mark in their major, and time management.

Title: Understanding and Building your Financial Credit

Description: In this CLF students will be introduced to the world of financial credit. Students will learn how it works, what impacts financial credit, how to manage it, and its’ long-term benefits.

Title: CSUSA/FAFSA Workshop Informational

Description: In this informational workshop students will receive a basic overview on how to prepare for and successfully complete the CSUSA and or FAFSA. Both applications open today. Students will also be provided with instructions on how to complete their CSUSA/FAFSA with their Retention Specialist for Thrive credit.

Title: STEM Student Panel

STEM Student Panelists Bios and Org Info

Description: A panel of CSU STEM Students involved in STEM organizations across campus sharing their experiences with being mentored and how that shows up across various aspects of their academic journey such as in the classroom, within their STEM organization involvement, and work through fast paced, visual power point presentations (IGNITE Presentations).

Title: Graduate School 101

Description: This presentation provides introductory information of graduate school for students who want to understand this career path more. Presentation information includes; degree breakdown, understanding how your career goals fit into graduate school, recommended next steps, and resources.

Title: Becoming A Financially Savvy College Student

Description: Knowledge about resources to help fund a college education; financial aid awards, FAFSA, scholarships, creating their own scholarships and loans and tips on financial planning and budgeting, financial policies, and credit scores and credit cards, taxes, and retirement.

Title: Start Planning for Graduate School

Description: Have you decided to attend graduate school? This presentation goes over steps you can start taking now as an undergrad student to prepare for graduate school. Presentation information includes; knowing your industry, admissions tests, steps to take each year, and additional resources to use as a student.

Title: Budgeting and Saving with Canvas Credit Union

Description: Budgeting and Saving is to make sure you’re able to save a little each month, ideally at least 10% of your income, or at the very least, to make sure that you aren’t spending more than you earn.