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 Understanding & Building Your Financial Credit

This CLF will introduce you to the world of financial credit. You will be provided with information to successfully begin or build on your financial credit. Learning outcomes include an overview of financial credit, the types of credit there are, how it works, how to check your score/report, how to manage it, its benefits, and impacts. Conversations of identity as it relates to financial credit will be held



This CLF features a panel of current first-generation/underrepresented graduate-level students who will be sharing their unique journeys and helpful tips as it relates to their identities. You are encouraged to ask panelists questions related to their journey to and through graduate school. Guiding questions related to authenticity and navigational capital will also be asked. Finally, this CLF highlights/promotes the upcoming Graduate School Conference.


AAC Graduate School Conference

The AAC is hosting its 8th annual Graduate School Conference Oct. 22nd – 23rd. This two-day conference will include sessions in the following areas: explore, prepare, apply, and succeed. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of attending this conference opportunity.



Graduate School 101

Is graduate school for you? This CLF provides introductory information about graduate school for students who want to further understand this career path. You will reflect on your identities and goals in order to make your authentic decision on whether or not graduate school is for you. Topics covered in this CLF include degree breakdown, understanding how/if your career goals fit into graduate school, recommended next steps, and resources to remain informed. For the final part of this CLF we will head to the Graduate School Department to hear from them about their resources, opportunities, and how to remain connected.

Undergraduate Research 3- Undergraduate Research Symposium & Other Research Opportunities for CSU Students

Learn more about ways you can enhance your academic experience here at CSU!  MURALS and United in STEMM are 2 programs that aid in making your “education come to life,” as one student described! 





Undergraduate Research 4: Understanding Research at CSU and How it impacts Students

This workshop will provide a breakdown on what it means to be a student in a research one (R1) university. Students will also gain understanding of how undergraduate students are participating in research alongside faculty and how critical this experience is in all majors. This session will also include a student perspective on what it’s like to do research alongside a professor and provide tips on how you can also get involved in research as an undergraduate. 



Managing Student Loans

Does the debt from your college days seem overwhelming? Still wondering how you’re going to make that first student loan payment? Hey! You’re not alone. George Hill Direct of Financial Education at Canvas Credit Union will help with a few tips on managing your student loans after college.

Car Maintenance

Students will learn how to check fluid levels in their vehicle, how to diagnose and possibly fix simple issues with their vehicle, and learn basic maintenance for their vehicle.

The Voice of Self Advocacy

We all have different needs. Expressing those needs is essential in our movement forward. Nobody knows you better than YOU. In this CLF, you will have opportunity to identify needs (academic/personal/and professional) and practice the power of your voice!

Peace Corps 

Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, and have the experience of a lifetime. Not only do you gain valuable life skills through the experience, but returned Peace Corps volunteers receive a multitude of benefits that can impact your career trajectory, including fellowships for graduate school, advantages when applying to federal government positions, entry into international development, and much more. Join us at this information session to learn about volunteer experiences, ask questions about service, the application process, and benefits of becoming a volunteer.

Taking a Gap Year

Are you hoping to take a gap year before attending graduate school but aren’t sure if you should or what that time would involve? This video provide the following: defining a gap year, exploring why you may want to take one, and discussing a few service oriented programs to participate in during this time. The video will end with a brief reflection activity that will help viewers establish next steps in organizing their gap year.